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New Home Design

We design energy efficient passive solar and net zero energy homes that fit your lifestyle and budget.   Download our free home design guide for information and ideas. 

Solar Power Systems

Grid-tied Solar Power Systems:    These systems are designed for SaskPower’s net metering program .  A 20% rebate for the capital costs of the system is available until November 30, 2016.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems Our off -grid systems provide independent power designed to meet your electrical needs. 

Solar Cabin or Backup Systems:  These specially designed solar power systems  can supply independent power for a remote location or backup power for your home or business during a power outage.

Solar Power in Saskatchewan

Grid-tied solar power system

20% REBATE for your initial Investment in Solar Power

is available from SaskPower until November 30, 2016



Solar power – the environmentally friendly solution to producing your own electricity – is now also the least Solar Savings Chartexpensive source of electricity for SaskPower customers.

For a typical home, solar power would cost 9 cents per kWh.  The cost of electricity supplied bySaskPower is12.6 cents per kWh – this includes the GST which you do not pay on your own sun-generated power.

Solar equipment for grid-tied systems has a 25 year warranty.  In 25 years the cost of coal power could easily quadruple – but the cost of sunlight will not.   

Instead of paying the power company, invest in your own solar power system and see your savings grow.

Grid-tied Solar Power Product Information