Commercial Rooftop Solar Array in downtown Saskatoon

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Saskatoon Saskatchewan Solar Monitoring

Our Services

Solar Power Design and Installation

Grid-tied Solar Power Systems   Our grid-tied systems are designed for SaskPower’s net metering and rebate program.  Featuring a 25 year warranty and micro-inverters for per panel optimization and monitoring, these systems deliver top performance and reliability.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems Our off -grid systems provide independent power designed to meet your electrical needs in remote locations. 

New Home Design

Custom Design:  We design energy efficient passive solar and net zero energy homes that fit your lifestyle and budget.  

Ready to Build Plans:  We have a selection of ready to build designs and customization packages.

Solar Power in Saskatchewan

Grid-tied solar power system

20% Rebate for Solar Power

Invest in a grid-tied solar power system and receive a 20% Rebate on the equipment and installation costs. The rebate is available from SaskPower until November 30, 2018.

Receive Credit for extra power you produce

With SaskPower’s net metering program you can feed back excess power for credit at the same rate that you are paying for electricity.

Solar Savings Graph-resampledGenerate Savings Every Month 

With a 25 year warranty, the purchase of a solar power system is like a monthly investment over a 25 year period.  As utility rates increase, your monthly investment remains the same, and the solar production generates savings every month.

Instead of paying the power company, invest in your own solar power system and see your savings grow.

Grid-tied Solar Power Product Information

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