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  • you can use the natural heat from the sun to help warm your home and save as much as 70% on heating costs, without adding to your construction costs?
  • you can keep your house cool in the summer without air conditioning?
  • you can store heat from the sun to help warm the house overnight?
  • the right design will brighten your home with natural light so you don’t need to turn your lights on in the middle of the day?


than traditional utility power in Saskatchewan

Grid-tied solar power systemSaskatchewan Announces 20% Rebate for Renewable Energy 

Solar power – the environmentally friendly solution to producing your own electricity – is now also the least expensive source of electricity for SaskPower customers.

Solar vs Utility PowerFor a typical home, solar power would cost 9 cents per kWh.  The cost of electricity supplied by SaskPower is12 cents per kWh – this includes the GST which you do not pay on your own sun-generated power.

Solar equipment for grid-tied systems has a 25 year warranty.  In 25 years the cost of coal power could easily quadruple – the cost of sunlight will not.   

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