Saving energy, money and the environment is on many people’s wish list. But how do you effectively go about that? One problem is that you may not know where the biggest energy wasters are in your home or business. You need a way to measure this so that you can work out a way to deal with the problem.

Home Energy Monitoring

Smappee Energy MonitoringIf you’re looking into installing a solar power system knowing your energy usage is key to knowing what size system you need. Lower energy usage can mean a smaller, less expensive system. If you want to reduce your energy usage before designing your system, an energy monitor is a huge help. It will tell you what is using energy in your home and when. It can help you cut down on your usage by up to 30%. To learn more, visit our Smappee Energy Monitor page. It is a simple-to-install device that helps you find where your electricity dollars are going.

Power Factor Correction

If the electricity bill for your business includes a large amount for kVA charges, then Power Factor Corrrection may be able to reduce this charge.