For much less than the cost of Real Estate fees, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of a passive solar home custom designed for you.

Passive solar design is the most cost effective way to use the sun’s energy since there are very few, if any, additional construction costs. The method uses intelligent decisions at the building design stage to make effective use of the sunshine entering the home. Houses are oriented with a south-facing wall of windows that maximize solar gain during the winter and have suitable overhangs to minimize the solar gain in the summer. If the south window area is large in proportion to the floor area of the house, a thermal mass such as a concrete floor or stone wall can be used to absorb some of the heat during the day and radiate the heat at night. This design technique incorporates passive solar heating, passive cooling and natural day lighting in a unified design that reduces energy needs for heating in the winter, cooling in the summer and artificial lighting.

We also design, supply and install solar power systems, both grid-tied and off-grid. If you are interested in these systems or we believe they are suitable options for your particular design we will send you separate Design Questionnaires for these systems.

Please contact us to discuss a custom home design for you.

Phase 1:  Information Review, Design Sketches and 3-D Views:           $3000

We meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements for your home, and provide preliminary information about such items as house orientation and siting, energy design, structural aspects, and floor plan layout.  We also provide a rough estimate of the cost of a house that would fit your design ideas.  This helps us to design the house to meet your budget and your wishes.

We prepare a set of to-scale design sketches, including 3-D views, to show one basic design of the house and some of the things that are possible.

We prepare a preliminary set of CAD drawings that show the floor layouts and two elevations.  Then we refine the design and do up to 5 revisions.  If more are required extra fees will apply.

3D View 1 winter




Phase 2:  Final CAD Design and Construction Drawings

We recommend that you contact a local CAD technologist who is familiar with the codes, applicable municipal regulations and local building conditions.