Does the sun shine on your roof all day long?

That sunny roof could pay your electricity bill. 

Solar panels on your roof will produce free electricity for your household.  You feed extra power in the summer back to SaskPower for credits in the winter.  

Solar panels save you money every month on your electrical bill. Produce your own clean energy and do your part to preserve our natural resources for future generations.  With a 25 year warranty, virtually maintenance-free operation and a projected lifetime of at least 35 years, this is a solid investment.

A 20% Rebate Helps to Make This Happen

Equipment and installation costs are eligible for a 20% rebate from SaskPower.  The rebate, to a maximum of $20,000, is available for customers of SaskPower, Saskatoon Light and Power and the City of Swift Current.

The Rebate is Available Until Nov. 30, 2018 

With the rebate, investing less than $2.00 a day will give you a pollution free, renewable and independent energy system that will more than pay for itself.